From our clients

Excerpts from some of our letters:

Raves have been rolling in – favorite wedding ever, from the setting to the food to the staff, and I really don’t think they’re just being polite! ● Whether driving a golf cart, steaming my dress or dealing with guests who were under the weather (or is that influence?), you handled it all with grace under pressure ● The day was absolutely perfect – our only complaint was that we could not make time stand still for a while ● The food was sensational, the presentation gorgeous, the staff warm, caring and helpful, and very indulgent of the wild youngsters crawling around the floor while they were trying to serve ●  When you use the best, you have the best. Thank you for a wonderful evening

● The preparation that goes into an event such as this takes time, patience and talent– you certainly seem to have all these attributes. It truly was a splendid evening ● Israel’s 54th anniversary was a smashing success due in part to the superb food and service provided by Peachtree & Ward. So many people commented on the food – every morsel was simply delicious ● You even sweetened my Mai Tai’s for me! ● Just wanted to thank you for a terrific ‘picnic.’ The food and wine was excellent and we were the envy of all our neighboring spectators at the horse show! ● When we arrived at the Saturday Club and walked into the room, I cried; I was so overwhelmed and thrilled

● I could not believe how much everyone ate- no dainty eaters in this crowd. But each and every one raved about the food ● Two months later and the raves are still coming! It was a pleasure to partner with you on this fabulous event! What’s next? ● We want to thank you and everyone at Peachtree who created that magical evening at the Saturday Club for Lily’s Bat Mitzvah celebration. We were a the ambience you created in the decorating, table settings, flowers and placement of food tables. The pig roast, Island accompaniments and desserts, as well as the beautifully arranged and served hors d’oeuvre, were a visual and gustatory feast! ● As people reach for perfection, we never really expect to attain it. But, I think we got just that!

● My ears were almost dropping off last weekend due to the hundreds of guests filling my head with compliments about the food at our reception ● I am only now recovering from a great party! It was perfect in every way. ● The food was spectacular and your help are so polite, efficient and so well trained. Harry’s Bar on Delancey is even better than Harry’s Bar in Venice. James Beard would have loved the party. ● Thanks so much for everything. Till the next party! ● Delicious food at the big charity event-usually an impossible dream, but you made it happen. The event was a big success and we raised much needed money for abused children. Many thanks to you for helping to make this year’s Reunion Weekend and Sesquicentennial Celebration a great success! What can I say – the evening was amazing.

● Never have I worked with a more professional group than yourselves. I’d like to work with you again! ● Never have we received so many personal thank you notes from guests for any Abington Memorial Hospital event as we are receiving for the President’s Council recognition dinner last week. I also believe that your excellent staff helps us to set the tone of a top-notch presentation ● A great time was had by all and the city has been buzzing!