‘Tasting Peachtree’ cocktail hour

We take the cocktail hour very seriously at Peachtree. We want your guests to simply adore every bite, every sip, every everything. This is their first taste ofwhat’s yet to come.  Each and every hors d’oeuvres is hand-made. We bake our slider rolls, we hand-shape every spaghetti nest, meatball, crab cake and so on. Our flatbreads are baked just prior to the cocktail hour. To accomplish this requires a lot of hands on deck, since many of the hors d’oeuvres are assembled just prior to being put on the tray and out the door to you!

We have hundreds of hors d’oeuvres. This is a small sampling, along with some of our signature cocktails – because what’s a cocktail hour without a cocktail?!

The photographers taking these shots are amazing! They are our vendor partners. We trust you’ll see why when you take a look below. And if you are looking for a photographer, be sure to visit our preferred vendors page!

These pics will make you hungry!

Lamb Meatballs, Asya Photography

Quesadillas, mini margaritas, Rachel Pearlman Photography

Pomegranate Spritzer, Hudson Nichols Photography


Sliders & craft beer, Rachel Pearlman Photography

Spaghetti n’ meatball, Asya Photography

Bahn Mi, Heidi Roland Photography

Crab cakes, Heidi Roland Photography

Wontons, Tyler Boye Photography

Homemade flatbread, Love Me Do Photography

Scrapple, Emily Wren Photography

Summer roll, Haley Richter Photography

Watermelon & feta, Haley Richter Photography

Noodle nests, Haley Richter Photography

Bruschetta closet-up, Hudson Nichols Photography

Crab salad on Asian spoon, Hudson Nichols Photography

Beet taco w/ gorgonzola & pepitas, Hudson Nichols Photography

Moscow Mules, Haley Richter Photography

Chile in corn muffin, Heidi Roland Photography

Cauliflower beignet w/ shishito relish, Asya Photography

Tuna Tartare, Heidi Roland Photography

Rosemary Bourbon Maple Sour, Heidi Roland Photography

Sesame chicken, Haley Richter Photography



Photographers Featured:
Alex Schon PhotographyAsya Photography | Haley Richter Photography  |  Heidi Roland Photography  |   Hudson Nichols Photography  |  Tyler Boye Photography