‘Tasting Peachtree’ Entrées


In the catering world we’re not sure why it is that the entrée often plays second fiddle to everything else. But not at Peachtree. Why would we break the spell created from cocktail hour and first course? The gravitas of an exceptional entrée is in our minds the great separator when it comes to the measure of quality in a catering organization. And unless a dish is braised, such as our short rib, it is cooked to order (filet, chicken, fish…). Never ever relegated to a ‘hot box.’ And accompanied by vegetables cooked to order (wilted spinach, haricots verts) and starches with unusual additions (purées lightly prepared w/ unusual root vegetables, potato gratin w/ a layer of sweet potato, and fresh herbs…

Roasted carrots, Tyler Boye Photography

Tyler Boye Photography

Tuscan chicken, Alex Schon Photography

Tyler Boye Photography

Braised chicken, Hudson Nichols Photography

Hudson Nichols Photography

Grilled filet, sauce bordelaise, AlexSchon Photography

Caramelized Brussel sprouts, Haley Richter Photography

Alex Schon Photography

Bok Choy w/ pickled turnips, Tyler Boye Photography

Roasted beets, Tyler Boye Photography

Eggplant, Wild mushrooms, Haley Richter Photography

Spinach saute, Heidi Roland Photography

Grilled filet chimichurri, Haley Richter Photography

Photographers Featured:
Alex Schon PhotographyAsya Photography | Haley Richter Photography  |  Heidi Roland Photography  |   Hudson Nichols Photography  |  Tyler Boye Photography