Our style, our philosophy

“Cuisine is when things taste like themselves.”

— Curnonsky 


We are foodies! We love to cook! And we love the simple and the elegant.

Our food is homemade: our stocks and sauces, our slider rolls and tart shells… and so much more… all by hand.

We respect time, and cook with patience. We dress our salads and cook our entrees ‘a la minute-‘ as as in a restaurant, not a banquet hall. A great kitchen knows when to make things ahead, when to cook to order. And to compost and recycle, too.

We are team players. Family-owned, and with a team-based approach to cooking and planning. We all work together. Each and every one of us counts equally.


Our repertoire is broad, and we adapt to ever-changing culinary trends–farm-to-table, small plates, family-style service.

Our style is flexible. We believe in diversity. Our signature lists represent a range of culinary styles – French, Italian, Asian, Mexican, fusion, Philly. We take as much pride in the presentation as the flavor.


We’re that balance of the sophisticated and the homespun: Our servers are friendly, but with polish. Our food displays are rustic and yet modern. Our sales people are relaxed but exacting.

Our experience is in the experience. The taste yes, but also the touch, the feel, the sound, the smell. We prefer bone china in a simple classic pattern. Flatware with a weight to it.  Wine glasses that are delicate, not thick and clunky.


We never rest on our laurels, but we’re proud to know we’re considered the best.

“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

— Julia Child​

Photo credit: Haley Richter Photography