Peachtree To Go - A Moveable Feast

July 2, 2020

A Moveable Feast

With folks hunkering down at home and only just now beginning to invite friends over for small gatherings it's been our pleasure to cook for you with Peachtree To Go. And also to witness its renaissance, because in point of fact Peachtree To Go existed a long time ago. The difference this time? Its mission.

To explain, another fun fact about Peachtree. Our first name - and our incorporated one- is actually Stone Soup Inc. This comes from a European folk tale. Two hungry travelers arrive in a strange town and convince the people to share a small bit of food from their larder to concoct a meal that everyone feasts on. First it’s a potato. Then two carrots, then three stalks of celery and so on. Soon enough it's a moveable feast which the whole community shares.

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Not to worry- we won't ask you to provide the carrots and celery for our Stone Soup project. The local farmers and purveyors provide all that! But we are asking you to support our Stone Soup endeavor as you invite some friends over to share a delicious meal of signature Peachtree dishes. And while you're at it you can also order a few bottles at our Peachtree bottle shop. The wine list contains wines you simply wouldn't know about or have access to, except through us. Or if wine's not your thing, consider one of our delicious hand-batched Cocktails To Go. All for a great cause. Proceeds from Peachtree To Go are directed to underserved areas of Philadelphia whose food deserts are more prominent than ever.

Peachtree works in partnership with three groups: 

Face to Face, a non-profit organization based in Germantown

The Food Connect Group, connecting quality, delicious food to those who need it in your local community.

Step Up to the Plate, a collaboration between Broad Street Ministry, Project HOME, Prevention Point Philadelphia and SEAMAAC to ensure access to food and medical care for Philadelphians experiencing homelessness and food insecurity during COVID-19.

Together we provide 300 meals weekly to those in need. Last week we served Meatball Subs for lunch and Chicken with Rice and Collards. This week we're serving BBQ chicken, Pasta with Ragu, Burritos, Tuna salad and more.

So, thank you for reading this bit of lore explaining a little more about our new(ish) venture. Most of all thank you for your support of these great causes! 

Cheers and Bon Appetit from the Peachtree/Stone Soup Team!

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Emily Wren Photography


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