Parque: Some of our Favorite Photo Spots

July 14, 2020

Parque... one of those places where new corners continue to surprise us with a bit of magic. We hear that photographers who've been here a dozen times are still finding new favorite nooks! Whether up above the mansion, shooting through trees, or looking down a dramatic set of stairs, Parque has endless angles, one more beautiful than the next. We've compiled our favorite photo locations, but know there are new ones waiting to be uncovered.

Wedding Suite Patio - Parque is known for a light-drenched wedding suite, making getting dressed a delight. But right outside the suite's French doors lies a grassy patio area surrounded by a balustrade, a huge ivy wall and the State Park Forest just beyond- simply stunning! This is the back side of the mansion beyond the back patio used for cocktails. If you are facing the front door of the mansion and circle around to the left side beyond the private park ranger's entry you will see a rolling hillside, a hillside and then the back stair leading up to this area.

Pat Furey Photo

The Tennis Yard - Beyond and above the fountain is the tennis yard -- a wide expanse of lawn and a gazebo. Perfect to photograph gorgeous details, or sit atop the stone wall for a scenic backdrop.

Hudson Nichols

The Field - A short jaunt through a forest leads you to an open meadow. Tall grasses in the summer, and goldenrod in the fall. A splendid place to get some golden hour light...

Love Me Do Photography

Stairs - Parque's grounds are filled with secret gardens, trickling fountains, and beautiful stone stairs. Whether you're heading down towards the mansion, or sneaking up into a garden, its stairs make a dramatic backdrop!

Jieru Photography
Ash Imagery

Balcony - Out the backside of the mansion is a big balcony. The perfect place to take big group photos, or portraits and stay hidden before the ceremony!

Emily Wren Photo

Fountain - Did you ever imagine a private fountain at your wedding venue?! Take a quiet moment away from the party and capture some amazing reflections in the fountain's waters.

Emily Wren Photo
MLE Photo

Mansion Entry - The front side of the mansion has intricate masonry details and sweeping arches. Pop out of your reception for a striking shot at night! Or ask your florist to adorn it with garlands!

Emily Wren Photo
M2 Photography

Windows - Inside the ballroom are more gorgeous windows - creating a darling nook for photos.  

Du Soleil Photo

The Grand Stair- With its arched ceilings on the second floor, where the groomsmen change.

Sarah Brookhart Photography

Tree Line - One of Parque's not-so-secret locations are the repeating trees above the mansion. Bridal parties line up between the tall trees, and couples have fun posing through them! We love the symmetry they create.

M2 Photo

Bridal Suite - And of course, the famous bridal suite. 15 pane windows, clean decor, and a gorgeous mirror. What more could you want?

Emily Wren Photo
Viva Love Photo