Pomme: Some of Our Favorite Photo Spots

July 14, 2020

We fell in love with Pomme when we first laid eyes on its potential. But every time we get photographs back from events and weddings, we get to fall in love with new angles and locations! Below is a collection of some favorite (and hidden) photo locations all over Pomme's amazing grounds. We hope you enjoy exploring.

The Parking Lot - Yes, it's unusual for a parking lot to draw so much visual interest... but photographers love how clean and simple the space is for portraits. There's the Pomme parking lot, of course, and then there's a parking lot up above., accessible via the stairway leading up from the grassy area across from the pergola. A true hidden gem! And the stair itself is a great spot as well.

Pat Furey Photo
Pat Robinson Photo
Kyle Ten Eyck

The Swing - A fun, new addition in early 2020, we love watching couples swing around! Make it playful, or more stylized like this gorgeous bridal shot.

Emily Wren Photo

The Creek - For those brave enough to venture off Pomme's more paved paths, our creek has dappled light and makes for a gorgeous backdrop.

M2 Photography

The Wood Chip Path - We love a grassy meadow as much as the next person... but this wooded path creates such nice composition during a private walk!

Pat Robinson Photo

The Solarium - White, bright, modern. This indoor location provides the perfect clean backdrop no matter the weather. We see brides and their bridesmaids getting ready here - and couples sharing private moments before the ceremonies. Also the perfect spot to photograph some details of your day!

Du Soleil Photo
Du Soleil Photo

Ceremony Nook - If the day happens to be rainy, or if it's wintertime, this perfect nook is the place to say your I-Do's! The perspective of the tall raftered ceillings and the framing of the windows always makes for great photos, and a great backdrop for your wedding party.

DuSoleil Photo

The Shed - While we love images that are all about nature... our adorable green shed brings an architectural element into the shot!

Pat Robinson Photo

The Racquet Club Wall -If you walk past the veranda and pond you'll find the back of the Racquet Club building with its sky-high ivory walls - and we love how clean it looks for big group shots!

Dan Fredo Photography

The Bridge - And of course... our not-so-secret location! One of the first things people notice about Pomme's main building is the bridge leading to the entrance. While it seems an obvious place for photos, we see people photograph underneath it, from below it, and while on it! Lots of fun angles to capture. Not to mention perfect for first looks and grand entries for ceremonies.

Pat Furey Photo